About Brett Manning Learn more about the man behind the method.

Brett Manning was born on April 27, 1966 in Grants Pass, Oregon. At a young age his family moved to Ogden, Utah where he spent most of his childhood and young adult years. At the age of 19, Brett began attending college at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, where he studied musical theatre and dance. It was there that Brett soon realized his voice was lacking the vocal range and power that he needed to land those leading roles that he had so long desired.

Frustrated by this fact, in desperation to learn how to sing better, Brett started taking voice lessons from a few local voice teachers. Even so, to his dismay, Brett saw very little progress after taking countless vocal lessons. Discouraged, but not deterred, Brett was more determined than ever to improve his singing voice. It was for this reason that he began his quest for knowledge researching how the voice truly works.

Brett spent the next few years working with some of the world's top voice teacher's, researching as many vocal theories as possible. His knowledge and understanding the voice grew increasingly and not only ignited his passion for teaching, it inspired him to develop his own vocal training method of priceless vocal techniques that finally produce the results that he had so long desired. This new found knowledge ultimately inspired his passion to teach other singers the voice methods which had taken him years to discover so that they could avoid the frustration which he had experienced in learning how to developing his own voice.

In 1992, Brett opened his first vocal training studio in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was after only a few short years of teaching that Brett became the most sought after voice coach in the region, mostly because of the incredible results his students experienced in just a short period of time. Brett's teaching career stimulated his continual pursuit of knowledge of the singing voice, and through years of research and experimentation, he developed many of his own new vocal exercises and voice techniques. To contain his vast knowledge of the voice, Brett began writing down the script that would eventually become the world's most successful vocal training course, The Singing Success Program. And as they say, "The rest is History'

In 1997 Brett moved his family and vocal training studio to Nashville, TN where he soon began to teach many of today's top Artists. Brett has since become known as a master teacher and is one of the world's most sought after vocal coaches, largely because of his uncanny ability to "see with his ears," and instantly diagnose and correct the problems in a singer's voice.

WOW, This was never hard. Your exercises make my voice feel like its floating.

Brett Manning founded, and currently teaches at, Nashville's world-famous Brett Manning Studios, along with his many personally trained and certified associate vocal coaches. Brett Manning Studios works with singers of all musical genres, experience, or skill. In 2009 Brett was a Judge on the CMT music television reality show, "Can You Duet."

Brett has worked with recording artists from Capitol, Columbia, Atlantic, Interscope, Dreamworks, Lyric Street, MCA, Epic/Sony, KMG, Word, Embassy, Gotee Records, as well as countless independent record labels. He has also worked with the casts of Broadway productions of Les Miserables and Jekyll and Hyde, as well as the Broadway tour of Elton John's Aida.

Some of Brett's past clients include:

Brett Mannings Clients | Capital Records, Columbia, Sony and BMG, Atlantic, Dreamworks, AIDA, Les Miserables, Totee Records, Lyric Street, Interscope Records, Word Records, Epic

His client list contains winners of the world's most prestigious vocal awards, including the Doves, the CMA Awards, and the GRAMMYS®. Despite having an incredible five octave range himself, Brett continues to claim "my students eventually out-sing me!" Brett has a unique perspective on the novice singer, "beginning students have the unique opportunity to build their voice free of any bad habits." In fact, it was his love for amateur singers that, after a decade of teaching private lessons, inspired Brett to begin offering vocal seminars and workshops around the nation. Audience participants are awestruck when, often in less than an hour, Brett adds a full octave to their usable range. It's something you simply must see (hear it) to believe!

Brett is known for his fun, encouraging demonstrations, showing how even "brand new" singers can experience immediate improvement in the range, ease, and quality of their voice.

Unwilling to give up on his passion for teaching singers of every type, regardless of their skill level, geographical location, or professional aspirations, Brett has created a number of voice training programs to make his incredible teaching methods available to everyone.