Anti Piracy Policy Our Commitment to Antipiracy

Our motivation in supporting antipiracy movement together with the commercial software companies,music industry and film industry is our obligation to our product users, our partners, and these industries at large.

Piracy threatens development and innovation by cheating legitimate software developers,musicians and artists alike, film producers, production companies, etc.,  out of the rights and rewards of their valuable and hard-earned work. The loss of jobs, wages, tax revenues and critical investments in new technologies are just some of the possible destructive results of piracy.

Piracy may harm everyone of us including consumers, honest resellers, the software industry and the national and local economies, not to mention the threats of organized crime connected to large scale piracy.

Piracy is stealing. If you or your company is caught copying and/or distributing illegal copies of software, music or film, you could be held liable under both civil and criminal laws. If the owner decides to sue you or your company, the owner can seek to stop you from using/distributing its software, music or film immediately and can also request monetary damages. The owner may then choose between actual damages, which includes the amount it has lost because of your infringement (as well as any of your profits attributable to the infringement), and statutory damages, which can be millions of dollars in cases of willful infringement. In addition, the government can criminally prosecute copyright infringement. If convicted, infringers can be fined up to $250,000, or sentenced to prison for up to five years, or both. Repeat offenders can be imprisoned for up to 10 years.

In addition to legal consequences, consumers who purchase such unauthorized software, music or film either through auction sites, online stores or brick and mortar retail establishments, may be: 
  • Exposed to defective or corrupted software, which can ruin computers and cost consumers more in terms of repair services or replacement equipment.
  • Exposed to software viruses or other malicious code that can damage computers or lead to identity theft.
  • Unable to obtain warranties, proper manuals, support services and software upgrades offered to properly licensed users.
To help protect consumers and to safeguard its intellectual property rights, Sinigng Success INC. investigates and takes aggressive measures to stop instances of piracy.

Please email to report piracy.