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1 Secret to the Light Mix

The light mix is one of the most sought after abilities by singers. Bruno Mars and Ariana Grande are popular singers today who use this part of the voice to hit high notes, but it applies to virtually every musical genre from pop to opera. Despite the mixed voice's popularity in the world of singing and vocal technique, there is one commonly forgotten secret that must be addressed in order to develop it well: strength building

Strength building in singing is very similar to strength building in the gym. If you've never done a bicep curl, then when you go into the gym you don't begin with 60 pound dumbbells. You need to begin on a lighter weight and learn the proper form, but once you master the proper form, you need to add more weight to make real progress. No one curling 1 pound weights is going to get ripped. It is the same with singing.

The first mistake that untrained or poorly trained singers make is trying to sing loud and powerfully without having the proper form. That is why we talk about letting go of strain and developing release all the time. However, too many singers stop here, and this is where another problem arises. Once you have the proper form, you need to add weight! You will not be able to sing in a light mix with ease and control if you do not develop strength beyond that coordination. 

Trying to sing well in a light mix without having the strength is like trying to do thirty curls with 45 pound weights when you can only do ten reps at 25 pounds. This analogy isn't to imply that you need to feel a lot of weight in your throat when you sing, but the reality is that mix engages more musculature than head voice, and adding musculature is going to increase the amount of pressure on the vocal cords. And the muscles that add medial compression to the vocal cords will not be able to sustain all the added pressure instantly. You need to build those muscles properly over a period of time. 

"You will not be able to sing in a light mix with ease and control if you do not develop strength beyond that coordination. "
Heavy edge exercises focus on developing the musculature of the voice. Learning to do these well will make a remarkable difference in the ease and control you have over the light mix. One word of warning: most singers do not have the knowledge to know whether they are adding weight properly or if they are straining, so my best recommendation is that singers take a couple of lessons to learn what strength building is all about, otherwise you need to be extremely cautious add edge exercises to you vocal exercise routine. 

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