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2 Indispensable Factors of Great Singing

There are multiple variables that determine the quality of a singer. As long as you hit the mark on the majority of them, you will sound good. But there are two that you must always get right, otherwise you will sound worse than an amateur:

Rhythm: Getting the timing right for when to start singing in a song and when to stop, as well as getting the groove of the phrases correctly is fundamental. Miss this and it'll sound like you don't know the song, don't have rhythm, or have a hearing problem. 

Intonation: Singing on key with the music accompanying you and making sure all your intervals between notes are right is the other thing you can't go without. The way we know one song from another is not only by the words, but by the intervals between notes. Having bad intonation is the tell-tale sign of a person who doesn't know what they're doing when it comes to singing.

Tone quality, dynamics, style, lyrical interpretation, selecting the right song for your range, etc. are important factors, but rhythm and intonation are two you cannot miss if you want to be a great singer. 

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