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How Do You Evaluate Singers?

Many lovers of singing say that they can't put to words exactly what they love about a singer. This should not be the case if you are a student of singing. Despite the possibility that there may be factors about an artist's singing that you admire but can't identify, lacking the ability to voice at least some of the reasons that make you like them is a problem. 

Why is it a problem?
  • Not knowing what you like about a singer means you won't have a clear path for developing in your own voice the things that you want. 
  • Every singer has moments of insecurity and if you have no idea what you do well or how you've made progress it is going to be hard to encourage yourself to persevere in those difficult times. 
  • If you haven't evaluated what you like about your favorite singers, you will not be able to evaluate whether the vocal coach you work with is right for you. 
So what are some of the vocal qualities that you love about your favorite singers? 

Part of my job as a vocal coach is teaching people the many factors that make someone a good singer and training my students to recognize these factors in the voices of other singers. This enables my students to exercise their voice in a more precise way and helps them understand exactly where they're going. 

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