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Non-Physical Factors of Singing: Confidence

Did you know vocal exercises are incapable of giving you everything need to be a great singer? This is because singing is not only physical, but mental. And there are certain parts of your mental game that will determine how good you actually sound. One of the most common non-physical factors destroying singers today is a lack of confidence. 

There are many reasons why a singer could lack confidence. The one I want to briefly address is the fear of rejection, which often comes in the form of the question, "what if people don't like my singing?" 

One way to overcome this fear is by understanding the qualities that make people like singers and learning to successfully replicate these qualities. Taking singers through this process is a large part of what I do professionally. This process includes obvious things like singing in tune, having good tone, selecting songs that showcase the singer's strengths, etc., but often these things aren't sufficient enough for the singer. 

One other part in overcoming the fear of rejection is to understand the consequences of being rejected and choosing to take a risk that could go wrong. If you've prepared your voice well and you've gotten feedback from people you trust about how you sound, then it is very likely that you will only experience rejection from dismissive people who wouldn't have liked you in the first place.

If you feel like you're missing something or just altogether uncertain about how you sing, getting a lesson is a great way to have your questions answered, and for your confidence to be properly built up. I do this for singers on a daily basis and I'd love to do it for you too whether you've taken many lessons or have never taken one. Having confidence is a significant part of singing in a manner that people will love, so do not disregard it!