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The Curse of Identifying Your Voice Type

There's a myth that the voice you're born with is the voice that you're stuck with. Generally, this is used to mean that a singer cannot improve or change their natural singing voice; you're either naturally talented or destined for mediocrity. This myth is demonstrably false and could not be further from the truth. 

However, there's a more nuanced myth that has been spread around by professors, instructors, and frustrated students of singing that is not as easily defeated, unless one has a proper understanding of vocal technique. The myth says that you are limited vocally according to your voice type. 

Of course there is some truth to this, 9 year old girls cannot sing Josh Turner's "Your Man" in the original key. But most singer's use this belief to explain away the things that they are unable to do vocally, and that is where the curse of identifying your voice type originates.

Why is it a curse? Because it brings misfortune to those who apply it to explain their experience with singing. What kind of misfortune? It undercuts the tremendous potential for growth you have as a singer. To dismiss a lack of ability as a result of your voice type is to ignore the real problem, a technical deficiency. 

  • You cannot say, "I'm a baritone, so I'm incapable of hitting those higher notes with power" when you've spent no time developing your head voice and your larynx is accustomed to being in a high position.
  • You cannot say "I'm a soprano, so I'm incapable of having a darker tone in my chest voice" when you've spent no time practicing with a low larynx or trying to modify the way you use vowels. 
  • You cannot say "I'm a counter tenor, so I'm limited to doing higher notes with head voice" when you've done no edge work on your voice. 
There is hope of breaking the boundaries of your "voice type" if you're willing to put in the work using the right technique. People may progress faster than you in certain areas, but just keep your eyes on your progress. A good friend of mine was soaring on a powerful High C the first time he worked with Brett, it took me over a year of lessons to accomplish the same result. Had I dismissed my challenges as a limitation of my voice type I would not have the range, power, and control that I do today. 

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