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The Dog Whisperer and Vocal Training - 1 Significant Parallel

Readers, I love dogs. If you love them too, then the Dog Whisperer is a great show to check out. What does this show have to do with your vocal training though? Very simple. Cesar teaches dog owners to be relaxed but authoritative in order to have well-behaved and happy dogs, and in the same way singers need to develop all of their technique in a relaxed but authoritative manner in order to sound their best and enjoy what they do.

People who carry a lot of nervous energy and use force to control their dogs generally have issues with their pet. Canines become aggressive, anxious, fearful, etc. The negative consequences that come from treating your pet wrong parallel the things that happen with people's voices. 

You may beat your voice into submission by using forced aggression (i.e. yelling or straining), but this approach has negative consequences. First of all, you don't sound your best. Secondly, singing is less enjoyable when you have to use force. And finally, this approach will probably result in vocal damage that will require surgery later. 

So what's the take away? Train your voice in a relaxed but authoritative way and you won't have to use force. If you don't know where to start, then I recommend getting our SS360 voice training program, it is a systematic way of developing and understanding your voice. Another great option is to get a private lessons with one of the brilliant coaches we have in this organization. They will help you set goals and prescribe the exact thing you need to make singing the exact thing it's supposed to be: an amazing and fulfilling experience. 

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