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The Forgotten Step that Keeps Singers from Becoming Great

Your mentality will make or break you when it comes to becoming a great singer. Here's a mistake that almost every singer that I've coached has made at least once: they've expected themselves to do vocal exercises perfectly the first time they attempt them. You may be thinking, "well that's obviously not true. I never do that." I would ask that person if they've ever gotten frustrated when doing vocal warm ups or exercises. Misconceived expectations are a common source of frustration. Frustration cannot be present in your vocal practice because it makes exercising your voice unpleasant, which will undercut the motivation you need to be persistent. If you lose persistence, you will give up before you get the results that inspired you to begin in the first place. 

So what's the forgotten step that you need to become great? Constantly keep in mind that as long as you are making steady progress, you don't need to worry about not achieving sudden perfection. 

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