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The Right Exercises in the Wrong Order Don't Work

Don't waste your time and don't ruin your voice. Understand that if you don't exercise your voice the right way, not only are you wasting time that could be spent doing other things, but you're actually doing harm. One determinant factor in whether you are exercising your voice properly or not has to do with the order of your exercises.

Warm-ups and work-outs should be incremental. That is the foundation for doing exercises in the right order. Just like you don't wake up and suddenly start doing your max weight on a bench press, you should not jump into a warm up or work out with the most demanding exercises. 

This blog is about the big picture. Start light before you go heavy. Start soft before you go loud. Sing short notes before you sustain pitches. And don't move on till you've thoroughly warmed up the first thing. (i.e. Don't try to sustain a loud note with vibrato when you can't even quickly hit the note with clean technique.) 

Understand what purpose every exercise you do has, whether it is to warm something up or develop a new skill. Follow these simple principles diligently over time and you will be a much better singer because of it. 

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