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What to Do With a Song That's Really Hard (7 Pointers)

Doesn't matter your skill level with singing: there are songs that are going to be difficult for you to sing. Here's some pointers on what to do to make the song easier. 

Make sure you warmed up your voice thoroughly before trying to sing a difficult song! This is the preliminary step to any singing. This is easily your biggest problem if you never do it. 

A. Define clearly what the challenge is. Is it singing high notes with power? Is it getting a smooth tone? Is it adding more bite to your head voice? Understand that "a problem well defined is a problem half-solved." (Charles Kettering)

B. Find exercises that help get the sound that you're going after. Sing the difficult melody on an exercise that gives you the most success. Everyone has exercises that they feel are the most helpful. If you don't know what yours are, then check out our other blogs, SSTV videos, and get the SS360 program and take lessons to figure it out. 

C. Understand that if the vocal sound that you want to produce is difficult on vocal exercises, then it'll be almost impossible singing it with lyrics. Exercises always isolate a very particular part of the voice in order to make it easy to make the sound. Don't be surprised if exercises are easier than singing, that is first part of the process. 

D. Make the exercise strong, then use it to make the lyrics strong. This is a continuation from part "C." Alternate between singing the melody on an exercise and then singing the actual lyrics. The reason for this is to make the melody as easy to sing with lyrics as it is with vocal exercises. 

Don't try to get stylistic too fast. Before trying to stylize a song, you need to be able to sing it with clean technique (e.g. stable larynx, no strain, etc.) Sometimes you need to forget about emotion and focus completely on technique for the really difficult stuff. 

Don't be too proud to key the song down to a range that is easy for you. Obviously, this is an underwhelming quick solution, but if you're in a circumstance where you need to perform a hard song, this may be your best option. However, this solution isn't meant to replace the fact that you should develop your voice to the point where you eliminate most common limitations. 

Challenging songs are actually a blessing in disguise, because they bring awareness to the fact that there is more for us to develop in our voices than we are currently able to sing. Like always, if you would rather have personal help figuring out how to sing a hard song, then I could show you how it's done in a lesson. Otherwise, you should find more success following the process I introduced in this blog. Have any questions or comments? Please post them below!

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