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You Better Know How to Do This If You're a Performing Artist

Many famous artists do not sound the same live as they do in their recordings. If you have gone to see your favorite singer in concert and experienced this fact, then you know how disappointing it is to the audience. Without a doubt, the live experience of an artist should always be better than the recording. That is the right standard. So for you aspiring singers or seasoned performers here are three things you better know how to do

1. Know how to diagnose the health of your various vocal registers. If you do not know how to check whether your head, chest, and mix voice are good or not, then you'll probably have moments of sudden disaster, but in reality you have actually gradually wrecked your voice.

2. Know how to THOROUGHLY warm up your voice. If you don't know how to warm up your voice so that it can produce all the sounds from your recordings with ease, then you're in trouble. That's like a boxer not knowing how to punch. Every one of your fans expects you to know how to do this, and rightly so. 

3. Care about the people who love your music more than yourself. Touring singers should not be overindulging in alcohol, or smoking at all, or trying to talk in loud environments, or avoiding getting enough sleep, or keeping a poor diet, etc. But on the road, you'll have the opportunity to do all of these every day. If you care enough about the people who are paying to come see you, then you will show restraint and be disciplined enough not to do any of these things. 

How do you accomplish these three things? Take advantage of all the different resources that we provide for singers: Take lessons, get the SS360 program, watch our SSTV videos, and read our blogs. And make a commitment to practice and study until you develop all of the skills that you desire. Becoming an amazing live singer who consistently exceeds the expectation of their fans is worth the effort. 

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