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Part 1: Radically Improving Your Voice - Lowering The Larynx
(4:17) 1/11/2011

Brett starts a three part series on radically improving the voice. This part focuses on controlling and lowering the larynx, giving your voice freedom on any note.

Controlling Your Pitch
(24:53) 1/15/2012

This lesson covers a struggle that every singer has dealt with at some point in their vocal journey, singing on pitch. This lesson is designed to get your voice closer to the center of the pitch, allowing you to sing more freely & effectively.

Part 1: Singing When You're Tired
(20:17) 6/4/2012

This lesson is for those who find themselves in situations where you have to sing on a tired voice. WARNING: Always singing when you are tired is not recommended.

Extending Your Vocal Range
(3:58) 3/08/2012

To have a successful and voice driven carreer. You obviously must be able to sing a single tune in that crazy voice range of yours.