How To Find Your Singing Style

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Does your voice seem bland and unexciting and are you dying to breathe life into it? Having coached countless, Grammy-award winners, Country Music Award winners, Gospel Music Award winners, Broadway stars, classical singers, and having sung in virtually every style myself (I have an extensive listening library), I have developed a methodology that intertwines all musical styles. The Singing Success method finds the common elements that make singers great while pointing out the distinctive elements that make each stylistic genre great. The Singing Success method gives the singer the tools needed to be a commercially viable singer.

Mariah Carey, Brian McKnight, Usher, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Huston… just a few names synonymous with vocal style, licks, trills and runs. On American Idol, X-Factor and other shows, the judges suddenly perk up when a singer transforms a straight-forward, tasteful interpretation of the melody into an explosive release of melodic embellishments. Embellishments include singing simple major, minor blues scales, mystical harmonic minor scales, simple, pop music trills, classical trills, and runs resembling long, jazz trumpet improvisations.

The Singing Success method has the techniques that make these embellishments compelling, allowing you to sing in any style. When your voice is "technically" freed up, it can allow for flows of emotional release. The secret is note delineation. When we show you how simple it is, you will be shocked… and the results are even more surprising!

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