Increase Your Vocal Range

Singing Success®

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Do you need another ocatve? No matter your language, nationality, or style, Singing Success is the breakthrough method that effectively increases your vocal range. Sold in over 100 countries, Singing Success extends your range with its simple, signature exercises that even a 4-year-old can do. Not only does extending your range make singing easier, but extending your range also allows you the vocal flexibility to successfully utilize a wider selection of musical genres. It has been proven that broad-range singers experience greater vocal freedom. In fact, Singing Success's results are dramatic, often increasing the vocal range of many singers a full octave or more.

To learn how to increase vocal range, you must first develop the right vocal coordination's which allow you to sing in your higher voice register – head voice and a developed mixed voice. To achieve this you must build a proper foundation using the right vocal technique which does not improperly engage and strain the muscles which cause your voice to strain and break up.

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