How To Sing Easy High Notes

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Carrying too much weight into the higher part of your vocal range will make it difficult for you to sing high notes." Vocal weight" is caused when you pull to much "chest voice" into you higher vocal register. The lower part of your voice (chest voice) has a different vocal structure than the higher part of your voice (head voice). When you sing low notes your vocal cords are more relaxed which allows for more vibration over the entire vocal cord. This gives the singer a heavier sounding tone. The problem that many singers have is trying to maintain this vocal weight " Chest Voice" into the higher part of their vocal range. This causes the muscles to strain and vocal cords cannot maintain this position for long without raising the larynx which strains and bottles up the voice making it "give out" or "break" into a falsetto like tone.The wrong amount of air can also make it very hard to sing high notes. Not enough air flow and your voice will sound weak and unsupported, but too much air flow will cause pressure on your vocal cords and strain will occur. Learning how to connect the chest voice and the head voice by utilizing the mixed voice is the key to learning how to sing high notes with ease.

The Singing Success method teaches multiple places of resonance, gradually blending from the chest vibrations slowly into the head sensations. The result is an even tension required to sing each note. This is the renowned "mixed voice" used by nearly every great singer. No jumping from one voice to the next in the middle of a phrase is required (or worse, flipping from chest to falsetto in the middle of a word). The Singing Success method gives you scientifically validated exercises that eases vocal cord tension, adds more color to the "mixed" registers, erases breaks, blends head and chest sensations, and eliminates the unnecessary question "Do I sing this note in head or chest?" The singer has the freedom to allow instinct to take over, so that individual art becomes the primary focus of singing.

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