How To Sing Without Straining

Singing Success®

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Do you ever feel you have to push to sing your high notes? Have you ever experienced a break, crack, flip, or disconnect from a full sound into an airy falsetto or head voice from too much tension? Whether or not you suddenly "drop" or sloppily transition from one register to the next, the results are the same: insecurity. That insecurity creates a noticeable struggle to control your voice. Many singers who have finished their college degrees still struggle with obvious vocal breaks or disconnects in an airy falsetto, obvious "switch", or subtle "flip" from one vocal sound to the next. Although this "yodeling" effect can be desired for style, it is super frustrating when the singer wants to join the head and chest registers. The Singing Success method uses easy exercises any child could perform to deliberately blend registers in order to reduce evidence of any sudden shift, disconnect, or vocal break. The result is a calm, vocal confidence that literally sets you free to do what your voice has always been designed to do: sing without thinking.

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