Singing Success 360

Singing Success 360 is primarily an audio-based course and is the ultimate resource for singers! It contains over 100 singing exercises compiled onto 8 Technique and 8 Style Lessons that inform your mind, acclimate your ear, and coordinate your voice. We put the world's most effective singing method, vocal coaches, online singing lessons videos & tips all in one place... the palm of your hand. Now, for less than the price of one private session with Brett, you can have his complete method, a Subscription to additional online bonus content, access to hundreds of hours of videos of actual voice lessons and tips, blogs and our online glossary of vocal terms, with the ability to stream everything to any computer or mobile device.

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The Mastering Series

Mastering Mix

The "Mix" is the blending of Head Voice & Chest Voice. It is probably the most sought after part of a singer's voice because it gives singers the ability to sing high, powerfully and with ease.

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Mastering Harmony

The voice lessons contained in the Mastering Harmony program make it possible for anyone, anywhere, to learn how to sing harmony by utilizing simple proven voice training methods.

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Mastering Vibrato

Singers frequently overlook this fundamental technique of controlling their voice. Vibrato adds depth and subtle intrigue when sustaining notes in a soft, slow moment or while holding powerful high notes.

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Singing Lessons

Katie Scherrer Profile Picture

Katie Scherrer

Nashville-raised Katie Scherrer began studying with Brett Manning at 18 years old and shortly after booked a national tour with Veggie Tales as a full-time Cast Member. Upon ...

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Chanelle Fagan Profile Picture

Chanelle Fagan

Chanelle began her vocal education in Boston, MA where she attended Boston Arts Academy and took classes at Berklee College of Music. She received her undergraduate degree in ...

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Tyler Wysong Profile Picture

Tyler Wysong

Tyler attributes his vocal abilities to Brett Manning and the Singing Success method. Before studying with Brett, he says, "I always thought my voice was just the way it was, ...

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