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SALE: $149.95 Reg Price: $199.95 Download Now!
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The Singing Success Program

Now everyone can learn how to sing from world-renown professional vocal coach, Brett Manning. Designed to be the "ultimate" vocal training program, singers can learn the same singing lessons as professional singers, from the comfort of their home and at their own pace.

This revolutionary program (12 CDs, Tutorial DVD, & 16-Page Instructional Workbook) takes singers of any skill level through a complete, step by step vocal training course - replacing the need for countless one-on-one singing lessons. Singers using this voice method routinely add over a full octave of usable range to their voices in just a few singing lessons. Singing Success is also available en EspaÑol!

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SALE: $149.95 Reg Price: $199.95 Download Now!
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Mastering Mix Program

The Mastering Mix Program will help you develop and master the most elusively complex part of your voice. It is probably the most sought after part of a singer's voice because it gives singers the ability to sing high, powerfully and with ease. The term "Mix" describes the blending of the chest voice (lower range) & head voice (higher range). It is essential for every aspiring singer to improve the connection consistency in all vocal registers. Perfecting this transition between the "vocal bridges" is an essential step in learning how to sing like a pro and the secret weapon in making an average singer great!

This celebrity secret is no longer limited to the stars! The same method that gives these amazing singers the ability effortlessly sing with smooth transitions, throughout their entire vocal range is available for you right here, right now. Start today!

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SingingSuccess.TV Subscription

Singing Success TV is centered around our 100s of powerful voice lesson videos! Join over 45,000 singers who have subscribed to SSTV to access more in-depth instruction and examples to the specific topics and vocal exercises taught in the Singing Success program.

"One of the best voice lessons I ever had was one I never took - I watched."
-Brett Manning.

Singers from all over the world now have the unique opportunity to watch videos of actual students as they work one-on-one with Brett Manning and his team of coaches. Each of our vocal coaches have gone through extensive training while studying the Singing Success method, and have been personally certified by Brett Manning.

Mastering Harmony

For many people, singing harmony is difficult... and there is nothing worse than the sound of an out of place and off key vocal harmony. Most great songs are filled with vocal harmonies. Sometimes it's obvious to the listener, but often it is obscured in the recording. A good harmony can change the dynamic of a song making it sound full and complete. Mastering Harmony: Volume 1 was created to help aspiring vocalist's learn how to sing great harmony by: Informing the mind, acclimating the ear and coordinating the voice.

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Mastering Vibrato

Brett Manning's Mastering Vibrato is for singers of all skill levels who want to take control of their vibrato once and for all. Using a series of easy-to-follow training exercises of gradually increasing difficulty, Brett Manning breaks this seeming complex and often frustrating technique into easily manageable parts. Having the vibrato you've always wanted is only a mouse-click away. Start sounding like a professional today and order Brett Manning's Mastering Vibrato.

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Top 7 Series

This voice training series is a great additional resource in understanding and developing the methods and techniques you've learned in the Singing Success program. If you're looking for extra tips and additional insights to perfecting your technique, increasing your range, and creating a commercial sound, look no further! These easy to understand voice lessons and vocal tips get fast results and make learning to sing more enjoyable. Each of the Top 7 programs offer important, effective steps in getting the most out of different parts of your voice.

Top 7 Vocal Excercises

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Secrets Of The Super High Mix

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Commercial Singing Secrets

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