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Singing Success(12 Disc, DVD & 16-Page Instructional Workbook)

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Now everyone can learn how to sing from world-renown professional vocal coach, Brett Manning. Designed to be the "ultimate" vocal training program, singers can learn the same singing lessons as professional singers, from the comfort of their home and at their own pace. This revolutionary program (12 CDs, Tutorial DVD, & 16-Page Instructional Workbook) takes singers of any skill level through a complete, step by step vocal training course - replacing the need for countless one-on-one singing lessons.

Singers using this voice method routinely add over a full octave of usable range to their voices in just a few singing lessons. The effectiveness of the program is matched only by its ease of use.

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Build Onto Your Voice.

Once you have built a strong foundation with the Singing Success program, take your voice to the next level by mastering 3 of the most fundamental tools: The Mixed Voice (High Notes, blending Chest & Head voice), Harmony (blending with other singers), and Vibrato (Controlling and bending of notes).

Mastering Mix Product

Mastering Mix

Also available for download

The "Mix" is the blending of Head Voice & Chest Voice. It is probably the most sought after part of a singer's voice because it gives singers the ability to sing high, powerfully and with ease.

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Mastering Harmony Product

Mastering Harmony

Easily Find & Sing Harmony

The voice lessons contained in the Mastering Harmony program make it possible for anyone, anywhere, to learn how to sing harmony by utilizing simple proven voice training methods.

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Mastering Vibrato Product

Mastering Vibrato

Also available for download

Singers frequently overlook this fundamental technique of controlling their voice. Vibrato adds depth and subtle intrigue when sustaining notes in a soft, slow moment or while holding powerful high notes.

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Top 7 Bundle

Top 7 Vocal Series

Also available for download

If you're looking for extra tips and additional insights to perfecting your technique, increasing your range, and creating a commercial sound, look no further! Each of the Top 7 programs offer important, effective steps in our approach to getting more out of your voice. Also sold seperately.

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Tom Jackson Product

Tom Jackson's: All Roads Lead to the Stage

Singing Success is proud to carry Tom Jackson's amazing live performance DVD tutorials! Find out more about his All Roads Lead to the Stage 7-DVD Collection...

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Master Writer Product

MasterWriter 2.0

Looking for another way to say "beautiful"? MasterWriter 2.0 is the most powerful suite of songwriting tools ever assembled in one program.

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Perfect Pitch Product

Perfect Pitch

The only proven method for mastering pitch when singing! Own the course that has puzzled university scientists for years.

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