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TOP 7 Vocal Series

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This voice training series is a great additional resource in understanding and developing the methods and techniques you've learned in the Singing Success program. If you're looking for extra tips and additional insights to perfecting your technique, increasing your range, and creating a commercial sound, look no further! These easy to understand voice lessons and vocal tips get fast results and make learning to sing more enjoyable.

Each of the Top 7 programs offer important, effective steps in getting the most out of different parts of your voice.

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TOP 7 Vocal Series

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"This program is amazing! If you wanna hit high notes with ease, I would recommend this program to serious singers wanting a powerhouse voice." - Shiheim Jones

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Individual Programs

Top 7 Vocal Exercises

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The perfect companion for anyone frequently needing to warm up their voice before a concert, performance, rehearsals, or recording in a studio.

Top 7 Secrets of the Super High Mix Voice

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Quickly improve your upper singing range. These 7 tips are quick, helpful exercises that will help you build power, consistency and confidence when singing high notes.

Top 7 Commercial Secrets

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Break out of your shell with these 7 simple style exercises. This program is for ayone trying to find their own unique, radio-ready, and stylistic voice.

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TOP 7 Vocal Exercises

In Brett’s Top 7 Exercises you will receive one DVD full of great exercises for quick vocal warm-ups to use before every singing performance. These effective voice exercises can be done on the spot wherever you are to keep your voice ready to sing.

TOP 7 Commercial Secrets

In our Top 7 Commercial Singing Secrets course you will learn some essential keys to unlocking your own vocal style. After using this course you will have the tools needed to and take control of your voice and sing with freedom and uniqueness of style.

TOP 7 Secrets of the Super High Mix Voice

In our Top 7 Secrets of the Super High Mix, you will learn the basic principles of hitting those high notes every time. This program isn't a replacement Mastering Mix course but is a great tool to quickly grasp and develop a strong mix in your higher range.

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Avoid the hassle of waiting and download the entire TOP 7 Vocal Series today! This is the exact same program in easily downloadable files, so you can begin your voice lessons today!

  • ALL 3 Top 7 Programs!
  • Top 7 Vocal Exercises DVD
  • Top 7 Commercial Secrets DVD
  • Top 7 Commercial Secrets CD
  • Top 7 Secrets of the Super-High Mix Voice DVD
  • Top 7 Secrets of the Super-High Mix Voice CD
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  • Language: English
  • Files: .wmv, .mov, .pdf

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