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Do you ever run out of air in the middle of a musical phrase? Innumerable vocal coaches assume that every vocal problem can be fixed with breathing techniques. However, it is important to understand the instrument as three parts: breathing (respirator), vocal cords (vibrator), and mouth/head cavities (resonator). The proper cooperation of these mechanisms creates effortless tone. For example, stop right now, and take a deep breath. Do you know that most people do not consciously breathe deeply throughout the day? If we did, much of our tension and anxiety would disappear. The Singing Success method teaches you exercises that make breathing second-nature, just as it is for athletes and just as it is for the newborn baby who exhales an effortless cry with a fully, diaphragmatically-supported sound. Using the habits of the Singing Success method, breathing can be easily learned and habitually sustained.

The most effective way to sing without straining your voice is to use proper vocal techniques. With the right voice training you can learn how to sing high notes without straining or damaging your voice. Learning to sing high notes is a developed skill that can be achieved using the right voice exercises.

"I've seen Brett and several of his certified voice coaches sustain notes, with one easy breath, for over 90 seconds." Multiple Students' Testimonies

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