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Why study with a Brett Manning Associate?

It's a fact. Brett Manning knows great singing. Brett also knows great coaching. In an effort to meet the growing popularity and worldwide demand for his method, Brett has trained a select team of Associate Coaches to carry on his technique to the world. Brett's Associate Vocal Coaches spend hundreds of hours learning and observing. When taking lessons from a Certified Brett Manning Associate, you know you are getting quality teaching from a professional vocal instructor who has met the stringent standards required to attain Brett's personal certification.

Singing Lessons Nashville - Get Professional Singing Lessons at Singing Success Are you looking for the best singing lessons in Nashville, TN? Come work with world-renowned vocal coach Brett Manning and his team of certified vocal coaches, right here on Music Row. All of the singing lessons at our Nashville Studio are taught by qualified vocal coaches, who have been personally certified and hand-picked by Brett Manning himself.

Our Nashville Vocal Coaches with the highest degree of skill and artistry and are hand-picked by invitation only and personally-trained by Brett to be the best of the best. Many well-known celebrities choose to study regularly with Brett and his Associates, and they can confidently recommend this training to anyone who considers themselves a serious vocal student. Take the time to meet each of our elite coaches below. We encourage studying with each coach to provide the most comprehensive training available anywhere in the world. All of our singing lessons are available as in-studio, over-the-phone, or webcam (Skype). Join our "vocal protest" and book your singing lessons today!

Colby Lapolla Profile Picture

Colby Lapolla

Colby started singing for people at a young age, in church and on the theater stage, and knew almost instantly she wanted to perform for the rest of her life. She began her fo

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Brett Manning Profile Picture

Brett Manning

Brett Manning is one of the music industry’s most sought after vocal coaches.  Brett has had the privilege of working with many of today’s top recording artists.

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Shelby Rollins Profile Picture

Shelby Rollins

Shelby took a lot of voice lessons before discovering Brett Manning. Before working with Brett, she says, "I never thought my voice was something I could have control over at every moment. Now, I believe this is how the voice was designed.

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Jason Catron Profile Picture

Jason Catron

Jason credits his six years of work with Brett Manning as having helped to totally redefine and shape his singing voice. "There is no one I trust more with my voice," He says.

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Benny Meza Profile Picture

Benny Meza

Benny has a passion for teaching vocal techniques that make singers great and relevant in the world today. He works with artists from labels and production companies such as S

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Katie Talbot Profile Picture

Katie Talbot

Nashville-raised Katie Talbot began studying with Brett Manning at 18 years old and shortly after booked a national tour with Veggie Tales as a full-time Cast Member. Upon re

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Chanelle Guyton Profile Picture

Chanelle Guyton

Chanelle began her vocal education in Boston, MA where she attended Boston Arts Academy and took classes at Berklee College of Music. She received her undergraduate degree in

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Claude McKnight (STYLE ONLY) Profile Picture

Claude McKnight (STYLE ONLY)

Claude McKnight is a 10 Grammy Award winning vocalist. Having founded the vocal group Take 6, he brings a unique set of skills in not only technique, but style as well. “My b

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