Shelby Rollins

Certified in 2009 
BMA Program Director 
Nashville, TN 

Shelby took a lot of voice lessons before discovering Brett Manning. Before working with Brett, she says, "I never thought my voice was something I could have control over at every moment. Now, I believe this is how the voice was designed to function." As a coach, she specializes in diagnosing her students' unique needs and finding what works for them. As a singer, she has a special understanding of the female voice and how to get the full range of sound and emotion from every singer she works with.

Shelby holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Florida State University, and has been a certified Brett Manning Associate since early 2009. She is a recent transplant to Nashville from New York City, where she performed her own original music in venues all over Manhattan and taught Brett's methods in her studio. She has worked extensively with worship teams and church musicians training and leading for the past 12 years. Shelby is passionate about transforming singers in all genres, especially Pop, Broadway, Christian and Country.