Learn to sing with Brett Manning’s Signing Success™. He has ‘rubbed elbows’ with many singers in the spotlight, and has offered his tips and techniques to them. With our online programs we are giving you access to all the content you need to bring your vocals to a new height.

If you want to learn to sing like the best artists in the industry, our vocal program can help you do just that! Get online access to over 500 instructional videos & tips and join our community of over 34,000 members.

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“TOP 10” Pop Vocal Exercises! Brett Manning shares his “Top 10” pop artist favorites. Favorites from Taylor Swift, Leona Lewis, Miley Cyrus, Anthem Lights, Hayley Williams, Lauren Mayberry & Much more! Click & Watch!

“TOP 5” Country Vocal Exercises!
Brett Manning has taught some of the top stars in the world and now shares his “Top 5” country artist favorites. This top 5 includes favorites from Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, John Michael Montgomery, Kane Brown, & Bryan White.


Katie shares her “Top 5” Exercises for all of you weekend (singing) warriors out there! If you are straining, Katie will walk you through the perfect set of exercises to help eliminate that! 

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Improve Vocals

Singing Success has been innovating and revolutionizing vocal techniques for over 25 years!

Increase Range

Increase by full octave and sing those high notes with the ease of speech. Low notes too!

Video Lessons

A wide variety of videos to help improve and demonstrate how to do the correct techniques.


Having access to all our tools will help you improve your voice at your own convenience.

Elite Programs

Singing Success

SS360™ walks you through close to 30 hours of step-by-step training, teaching you the exact same exercises, scales, and techniques Brett teaches his students in private lessons. Now, for less than the price of a single 1-hour lesson with Brett, you can own his complete Singing Success methodology.


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Mastering Mix is a one of a kind course designed to fine tune your vocal transitions and eliminate vocal breaks, giving you more range, freedom and control.


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Mastering Harmony is a training course designed to give you the skills to find and sing any harmony part. In this voice training course, Voice Coach Brett Manning, along with Claude McKnight of the 10-Time GRAMMY wInning a cappella group Take 6, will teach you the fundamentals of finding and singing harmony.


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Mastering Vibrato is for singers of all skill levels who want to take control of their vibrato once and for all. Using a series of easy-to-follow training exercises of gradually-increasing difficulty, Brett Manning breaks this seemingly complex, and often frustrating technique, into easily manageable parts.


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“I am the singer I am now because I was dedicated. If you’re a singer, a great way to dedicate yourself, to get results guaranteed, is Brett Manning’s Singing Success.”
-Clark Beckham (American Idol)


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Singing SuccessTV

With over 500 Videos that include, testimonials, performances, lessons, tips, & tricks to get to the next level.


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Now, I’m a completely different singer. I would be nowhere near the artist or the singer I am, without singing success and without that program. If you’re a singer, a great way to dedicate yourself to get results guaranteed, is Brett Manning’s Singing Success.

When I tried previous lessons with people or previous programs…the exercises were just warming up the voice within the limits I already had…since I started using the Singing Success program and working with Brett, I really learned so much more about my voice and what it can do…

If you love to sing, you should get the Singing Success SS360 program! The exercises are simple and easy (some sound really funny) but they help you build proper technique in a fun way NOT in a boring traditional way. You can’t overthink it!

After just a few lessons, I was able to talk to people afterwards. I felt better. It was great. Now, to use my voice the way it’s meant to be used, I feel very confident I won’t have problems with that in the future.

A lot of this record talks about suffering and loss. And vocally, using the 360 (SS360™) and using all your different program Mastering Mix and stuff like that, those are like my crayons in my toolbox to paint this picture of emotion.

I can honestly say that I saw results immediately from the Singing Success program. Even just from warming up before I sang it was a huge difference. You learn your voice and you grow your voice and you push yourself and it’s just amazing. It’s unlike anything else.

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