That’s the key, nothing is impossible. If you set your mind to it, you can do it! – Ben Waites

Ben Waites

Ben Waites was born with arthrogryposis, and while his body may be bound to a wheelchair, his spirit is soaring through the gift of song. At a young age, Ben was inspired by his grandfather, Jim Waites, a talented singer and founder of the Gospel Tones Quartet. Ben knew he had to find his calling and to make something out of his life. His desire to spread the Gospel directed Ben to begin musical training.

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Ben Waites

In December of 2010, Ben graduated from Louisiana College with an interdisciplinary concentration of music, communications, and theater arts. He received several scholarships during his years at college, and was given the honor of singing at his own graduation. The entire auditorium was on its feet, cheering and applauding the seemingly unlikely student with the beautiful voice. Singing has become such a crucial part of Ben’s life and career, but music is not his whole life. Growing up, he had a happy, fulfilling life and supportive family. He says he did everything the other kids did, just with a little help sometimes. Ben chose to sing, but he knows that he will be fine with or without his gifted voice.

Classically trainer singer here. Learned how to be very technique oriented. That was great, but it took the soul out of my singing. I joined smule last February and got so excited to be able to join all of these amazing people, Ben included! He was one of the first people I sang with. I slowly but surely learned out to put the soul back into my voice by emulating the likes of Ben and others. Then I finally got to meet him this year. Two lessons. TWO LESSONS and HOLY MOLY YALL!!! Things are significantly better. I can do things I never thought I could do. He also got me all the way up to a G6. Hello high notes! 👋🏼 I can’t wait until I can have another lesson with him. He is worth your investment for sure!

Kathryn BohannonSinger

I took two lessons from Ben when he first started at Singing Success. He helped me gain much needed confidence in my higher register & vocal ability. He is a kind soul & it radiates! I highly recommend Ben for lessons. Awesome coach & person!

Andi RamserSinger

Ben is such an inspiring and motivating vocal coach. His encouragement and skill set helped me to discover new areas of my voice, as well as gain more confidence as a singer!

Kacey V.Singer/Songwriter

I loved my lesson with Ben. He has a special connection with the voice and is a great teacher. I’ve never felt so open in a lesson before!

James TalbotLead singer of CardFall

Ben is a talented singer. He is nice, polite and professional. I saw vocal growth in my voice and would recommend Ben to other singers! Ben really knows what he’s talking about!

Israel CoxAspiring Vocal Coach

Ben is SO genuine and supportive, in my lessons he is my biggest fan, I can tell he really cares! He is very technical and specific in his explanations. He’s great at teaching coordinations-I hit the highest note EVER in a lesson with Ben! Can’t wait to start taking with him more regularly now that he is teaching full time at Brett Manning Studios!

Angela FentonSinger/Songwriter

I was expecting to be able to get a full sound in 3 lessons, which I was able to do through his instruction. I learned that my vocal cords weren’t closed when I was singing. Ben helped me close them to create bigger tones. I was blown away by Ben’s ability to diagnose that. His encouragement was awesome to have, especially as someone who is a learned singer. He knows what he’s doing!

Tamen HadeSinger/Producer

I've known Ben for years. I know his absolute passion for music. I also know his deep desire to help others. So when I learned he was joining up with Singing Success, I jumped at the chance to get a couple lessons. I was NOT disappointed. Ben will bring out the best in you. Things you never thought possible. He lives to see his students have those "woah!" moments. I know I had several!

Chad Tingle

Ben Waites possesses not only extensive knowledge and abilities, but he has that "special something", in his personality, that will set you at ease. When you are challenged to learn how to cause your many muscles to respond vocally, it is often quite intimidating, but not with Ben. Ben will gain your trust and respect very quickly, and you will gain vocal confidence.

Wess Adams

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