benny meza

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Benny has a passion for teaching vocal techniques that make singers great and relevant in the world today. He works with artists from labels and production companies such as Sony, Universal, inVogue, Kemosabe Records, and Lionsgate. And he’s a living testimony to the effectiveness of the Singing Success method.

When he started singing in high school, Benny was unable to sing above a Middle C without straining and feeling discomfort. Now he can sing above a High C in a full mixed voice with total freedom. Benny loves teaching others how to get the same results that have completely revolutionized his voice. His approach to coaching includes diagnosing a singer’s technical ability and developing every part of their instrument, but he does not stop there. He says, “Many singers fall short because they don’t know how to use what they’ve got. Being able to hit high notes, sing smoothly, and do runs is important, but not enough.”

Slovenia-based singer Kristjan Virtič, a founder of the a capella group Bassless, writes, “Benny showed me the ways to make my singing easy. Now I can sing longer and with more power. What I love about working with him is that he doesn’t focus only on the technical aspect of the voice but helps you develop your own personal style and find different colors of your voice in very relaxed sessions. That’s why I choose to work with him despite the fact that he lives in the other side of the world.”