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10x Grammy Award Winner

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Claude McKnight is a 10 Grammy Award winning vocalist. Having founded the vocal group Take 6, he brings a unique set of skills in not only technique, but style as well. “My background of almost 30 years of professional singing has enabled me to be, and stay on the forefront of not only what sounds right, but what FEELS GREAT!”

The art of singing well has always been a very subjective thing, and what typically sounds/feels good to one, may not to someone else. Claude’s approach is unique in that he works with the basic elements of the voice; pitch, timbre, range, etc, and with the student, helps to map the pathways to better choices, and confidence. “What exactly does that mean?” You may ask? Very simply this…

Let’s say you own a Ferrari. That Ferrari in all it’s splendor and abilities to take you down the road faster than almost any other car…is just a pretty car without an amazing driver to push it to its limits! The same can be said of the human voice! We can/should train it in all the best ways to know what it’s capable of…but the training doesn’t stop there! It’s at this point that we must learn to “drive” it to it’s highest and best potential. This is where we find technique, MARRIED to STYLE! Your style!! Finding out just who you are, and then being focused on staying authentic!

Claude has worked with, and taken lessons from some great teachers, including Brett Manning, and Seth Riggs. “I’ve known and worked with Brett for the better part of 20 years, the biggest things I’ve taken away from these great teachers are the underlying tools it takes to move to the next level in singing!” With these tools, and the elements of style, Claude can teach you how to unleash the Ferrari in your voice/soul to be the best singer you can be!

Partial list of people Claude has worked with over the years:
Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Whitney Houston, Ella Fitzgerald, John Legend, NeYo, Babyface, Michael McDonald, Brian McKnight, David Foster,

The Grammy’s, (10 wins, 23 nominations)
The Oscars, (sung)
Inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. (2014)