Jasons knowledge of how the voice works and his abilty to bring the best out of each client is unparalled.  In one lesson he can change the way you sing forever. – Lise Hopson

Jason Catron

#1 Vocal Coaching Team In The World

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Jason takes vocal coaching to another level by the way he engages and helps you dig deeper into what singing is all about than (you) first thought possible – a true life changing experience! – Rolf Ringkjøb

Jason Catron

Jason credits his six years of work with Brett Manning as having helped to totally redefine and shape his singing voice. “There is no one I trust more with my voice,” He says. “My voice has never been stronger. I used to think that I was a baritone. Now I am a tenor!” As a coach he has a passion for bringing out the best to equip his students to obtain a lasting career in music. As a singer he understands the challenges faced by each student in realizing the full unique potential of their voice. With six years of experience as an artist manager, he has a handle on what it takes to help artists navigate the rough road to success in the industry.

Jason is a graduate of Belmont University in Nashville and is a newly certified Brett Manning Associate. He also has a solo music career, composes, and is a member of the group, Tenore…(presented by Sing!), a trio of tenors that perform internationally. Jason’s personal style is “popera” which is a unique mix of pop-flavored classical vocals with roots in opera, and he loves to mix genres of music. He is intrigued by the potential in every singer he meets.

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