Delivering total voice control, range and passion. – Shelby Rollins

Shelby Rollins

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Shelby Rollins is the best vocal coach we’ve ever worked with. No lie (and we’ve had quite a few). Where others have used concepts that caused us to manipulate, strain, and potentially injure our voices, she has strengthened and nurtured our natural tones, giving us confidence and ease as we tour and record in the studio. Her easy-going personality makes every lesson a joy, and her impeccable ear and skill allows you to grasp and employ techniques that will have your voice feeling and sounding more wonderful with each session. – Johnnyswim

Shelby Rollins

Shelby took a lot of voice lessons before discovering Brett Manning. Before working with Brett, she says, “I never thought my voice was capable of apprehending power and complete control at every moment. Now, I know every voice is capable of freedom and power, not just the select few. This is how the voice was designed to function.” As a coach, she has a sharp diagnostic ear to pinpoint her students’ exact unique needs and finding what works for them. As a singer, she has a special understanding of the female voice and how to get the full range of sound and emotion from every singer she works with.

Shelby has been a certified Brett Manning Associate since early 2009 and is his only Master Associate in Nashville. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Florida State University. Upon graduation in 2004, she moved to New York City, where she performed her own original music in venues all over Manhattan before moving to Nashville in 2010 with her husband when Brett invited her to teach in his flagship studio.

She has worked extensively with worship teams and church musicians training and leading for the past 18 years, but she is passionate about transforming singers in all genres, especially Pop, Broadway, Christian and Country.

Most days you can find her teaching, writing vocal curriculum, and mostly chasing her 2 adorable kids around her house with her husband!

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