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The ColorSonic Cyborg

An instrumental musician of any kind makes himself into a kind of cyborg; he’s human plus something. Guitar, drums, piano: whatever tools he chooses to transform the beating of his human heart into music become part of him. And in the thrumming, invasive world of metal sound, the image is especially apt, because what’s part of our musician isn’t wood or skin or string – they’re metal cords on a plastic frame, chrome-armored drum fortresses, and a mixing board that’s more like a robot than anything Mozart would have recognized.

Jason Moncivaiz is just such a musical cyborg. Though he started training in classical piano at the age of eight, the beating of his heart urged him to master drums at thirteen and move to guitar at seventeen. Melding his vocal cords with the strings of his guitar, Jason led the band Justifide on tour for seven years. Afterwards, Moncivaiz founded and toured with another band, Reforming the Resistance . Between the two groups, Jason can look back on 50,000 albums sold and 3 number one songs.

With that amount of attention, Jason knows the price of being a cyborg: people think that they own the robot and that they can play with the robot whenever they want. To the crowds, exposure makes you less human and less entitled to the privacy and creative space where you can hear your own heartbeat. The labels interfere, too, listening to the crowds and telling the cyborg who to be next. It’s a lonely place where you have to deny your human heart to serve the tool you chose.

That’s when a lot of artists medicate the loneliness away, letting the crowds and the labels put them in a trademarked box for duplication and sale times infinity. But Jason didn’t fall into that trap. He listened harder to his heart and learned to exist outside the box. He’s a rebel cyborg in that way, free to fuse his message and his music in a pure and honest way. Now in his new studio – Colorsonic – Jason invites other rebel cyborgs to share his space. He helps them understand the message inside them and how to create a sound that expresses it clearly. He’s clearing a space in the noise and commercial pressure where all cyborgs can live free and make the music inside that drove them to become human-plus in the first place.

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