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What Is The Mix Voice?

The term “Mix” describes the blending of the chest voice (lower range) & head voice (higher range). It is essential for every aspiring singer to improve the connection consistency in all vocal registers. Perfecting this transition between the “vocal bridges” is an essential step in learning how to sing like a pro and the secret weapon in making an average singer great!

This is a truly intense work-out that has given me power and control I never knew I could have! It also helped codifie some ideas I’ve had for years but did not have full understanding of, and will deepen one’s knowledge of great technique technically and for visualization. – Lian A.

The Mastering Mix Program will help you develop and master this complex and elusive part of your voice. Now, you can sing those high notes with freedom and control.

Understanding The Mix Voice

In Classical teaching, the Mix is commonly known as “maintaining an even timbre throughout the passaggio”. Utilizing the mix is essential to developing a “commercial” or “radio-friendly” tone. Specifically focussing on this area of the voice, Mastering Mix precisely targets what professional voice coach Brett Manning has instilled in his many platinum selling and GRAMMY® winning students.

To sing like a pro you have to be able to effectively use this vulnerable part of your singing voice. The Mix is the edge that most top recording artists have… it is what enables them sing easy high notes with the freedom and control that “wows” their audiences.

Make Singing High Notes Easier

The main objective of this program is to build the middle of your range through the blending of qualities. All the keys, tempos, note volume and note duration have been calculated arduously, to produce the best possible result for your vocal workout. We will often be calling out the notes that you are singing. We will do this so that you can monitor your progress and know where you are suppose to be transitioning from chest to mix and mix to head.

This program is not a quick fix, but I believe that it is the fastest, most effective tool for mastering your mix voice available. This program is the accumulation of voice techniques that I’ve refined over my years of research and teaching people how to sing. I am convinced that if you use Mastering Mix as a part of your daily vocal workout, you will experience such phenomenal growth that your friends, colleagues, peers, family and critics will be completely astonished.

Every day in my voice studio, I hear singers talk about the rich, satisfying experiences of their newly found confidence in singing High Notes with ease.