Mastering Harmony

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Singing Success’ teaching philosophy is three-fold: inform the mind, acclimate the ear, and coordinate the voice. Based on the vocal principles of Singing Success 360, Mastering Harmony focuses on acclimating the ear. After two decades of relationship and as much time in discussion, Brett Manning and Claude McKnight synthesize vocal simplicity with harmony basics.

Utilizing a collegiate understanding of intervals (spaces between notes), the singer learns to hear harmony based on seven numbers and also learns to master harmony based on twelve. The singer learns to hear notes within chords and to identify them quickly. Because one-third of singing is hearing, a singer must train in harmony and acquire fantastic pitch to develop the assets of a memorably melodic singer.

A singer almost must learn to sing harmonies and background vocals on their own projects as well as to learn proprietary tricks that increase the texture of the overall recorded track: a must for anyone seeking a professional vocal career and wanting to minimize weak links in their vocal knowledge and musical understanding.


In this voice training course, Voice Coach Brett Manning, along with Claude McKnight of the 10-Time GRAMMY winning a cappella group Take 6, will teach you the fundamentals of finding and singing harmony. "Find it. Hear it. Sing it." Have you ever noticed how some singers can instantly sing a harmony to a song that they are not familiar with? For some, singing harmony seems to come naturally, but for those who struggle to sing harmony it can seem difficult and mysterious.

The singing lessons contained in the Mastering Harmony singing program will teach you the basic foundations of how to sing harmony. Your singing voice is guaranteed to improve using this one of kind singing program.

This is a truly intense work-out that has given me power and control I never knew I could have! It also helped codifie some ideas I’ve had for years but did not have full understanding of, and will deepen one’s knowledge of great technique technically and for visualization. – Lian A.

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