Mastering Mix

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Mastering Mix is a one of a kind course designed to fine tune your vocal transitions and eliminate vocal breaks, giving you more range, freedom and control. For $620 NOW $167  $97

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The term "Mix" describes the blending of the chest voice (lower range) & head voice (higher range). It is essential for every aspiring singer to improve the connection consistency in all vocal registers. Perfecting this transition between the “vocal bridges” is an essential step in learning how to sing like a pro and the secret weapon in making an average singer great!

The Mastering Mix Program will help you develop and master this complex and elusive part of your voice. Now, you can sing those high notes with freedom and control.

This is a truly intense work-out that has given me power and control I never knew I could have! It also helped codifie some ideas I’ve had for years but did not have full understanding of, and will deepen one’s knowledge of great technique technically and for visualization. – Lian A.

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