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Mastering Vibrato focuses on teaching singers to control wobbly or “machine gun vibrato”. Because the ultimate vibrato consists of five to seven waves or oscillations per second, each oscillations requires a half-step. Anything wider (like a whole step), sounds more like a warble or tremolo.

Listening to singers that Brett has trained like Keith Urban, Mark Kibble and Claude McKnight of Take 6, and first runner-up of American Idol’s Season Number 14, Clark Beckham, you hear a common thread in all of their voices: a well-mastered and controlled vibrato. Good vibrato beautifies the voice, setting the mix voice free from excess tension. Bad vibrato kills musical careers. In MV the singer learns to control the rate and depth of oscillation for each musical style.

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Brett Manning's Mastering Vibrato is for singers of all skill levels who want to take control of their vibrato once and for all. Using a series of easy-to-follow training exercises of gradually increasing difficulty, Brett Manning breaks this seeming complex and often frustrating technique into easily manageable parts. Having the vibrato you've always wanted is only a mouse-click away. Start sounding like a professional today and order Brett Manning's Mastering Vibrato.

You will also learn how everyone's vibrato is different and how to use your natural vibrato quality to make your voice more distinctive. Once you've mastered it, your beautiful vibrato will be one more color in your vocal palate with which to paint your masterpieces. You will learn to increase and decrease the speed of your vibrato, adjust your vibrato style to fit various musical genres, master the intricacies of note blending, turn your vibrato on and off at will, and much, much more. By the time you have graduated this three-CD course, you will have total mastery of your vibrato. You will control both its speed and delineation effortlessly. Your lovely vibrato will have become such a natural part of your sound that you'll wonder how you ever got by without it!

I just started with singing, so i assume that it is going to take a while before I could start making videos and broadcast them because I’m still not sure of my voice and not comfortable with the way i sound yet. But overall the program is perfect for me. I’m feeling that my voice is getting better already I appreciate it, thanks a lot, peace out! – Erwin A.