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Singing Success 360 is a total, vocal workout plan designed to coordinate every muscle of the voice essential to great singing.

SS 360 begins with the lowest vocal register, the chest voice, moving through to the head voice, integrating both with the ever elusive and most commercially sounding voice: the mixed voice. Utilizing the “speaking” muscles while simultaneously disengaging the “swallowing” muscles, our seven techniques designed to induce relaxation, range and tonal brilliance will undeniably improve your tactical progress. SS 360 produces the highest quality of vocal ease than any methodology in the world.

SS 360 ends with a focus on style. Beginning with a variety of vocal drills, licks, and runs, the first two lessons drive the singer to apply its vocal principles to musical styles as various as the blues, gospel, R&B, country and pop. SS 360 ends applies the same vocal principles to improvisation in a way that frees the voice spontaneously to explore its new range. The singer that makes it this far in the course finds it to be the most liberating part of the entire program.

SS 360 produces extraordinary success for budding singers as well as for seasoned pros. Its methods are a unique blend of secrets that shave off years of vocal frustration. The result of this ground-breaking method? Singing success.

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Discover Your Voice

Discovering Your Voice

Discovering High Notes

Discovering Vocal Power

Discovering Vocal Power

Discovering Vocal Freedom

Discovering Melody

Discovering Mastery

Singing Success is the standard by which all other methods are compared. Unlike many other vocal coaches, schools, and courses, Singing Success does NOT rely on outdated methodologies which can limit range, cause tension and worse...waste your time and money.

Why spend years at a university, or thousands of dollars on endless 1-on-1 lessons, when this program gives you all the tools you need to become a great singer.

You can grow a day in a year or year in a day. – Brett Manning


With looks to kill competition

Discovering Basic Licks, Trills, & Runs

Discovering Advanced Licks, Trills, & Runs

Discovering Your Sound

Discovering Stylistic Subtleties

Discovering Musical Genres

Discovering Improvisation

Discovering The X Factor

When I tried previous lessons with people or previous programs…the exercises were just warming up the voice within the limits I already had…since I started using the Singing Success program and working with Brett, I really learned so much more about my voice and what it can do and it’s really opened up all kinds of avenues for us in terms of writing and live performances.
SS360 has taken away some anxiety from that. I think it’s just made me feel more confident and maybe I would actually call myself a singer whereas I would never have done that previously…I would recommend it a lot.

Lauren MayberryCHVRCHES