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Lauren Mayberry

Lauren Mayberry CHVRCHES

When I tried previous lessons with people or previous programs…the exercises were just warming up the voice within the limits I already had…since I started using the Singing Success program and working with Brett, I really learned so much more about my voice and what it can do…

Maddi Jane

Maddi Jane YouTube

If you love to sing, you should get the Singing Success SS360 program! The exercises are simple and easy (some sound really funny) but they help you build proper technique in a fun way NOT in a boring traditional way. You can’t overthink it!

Clark Beckham

Clark Beckham American Idol Finalist

Now, I’m a completely different singer. I would be nowhere near the artist or the singer I am, without singing success and without that program. If you’re a singer, a great way to dedicate yourself to get results guaranteed, is Brett Manning’s Singing Success.